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Product type: LP
Sisters & Brothers

Features: Sisters and Brothers / The Sirens’ Call/ The Recompense / An Dro, Canberra Bourrée, Muiñeira de Boal / Time Wears Awa’ / Compagnons de la Marjolaine / If I Had But One True Love / The Black Widows / We Met Upon The Barricades / The English Penny / Québécois Reel, The Locksmith’s Reel / The Poor Refugee.

Navajos and Pirates

Features: Navajos & Pirates/ The Lover from Nantes,Muiñeira de Cabana / La Danza / Danza Queimada, The Silver Duro, The Garden of England, Muiñeira de Morrazo / Muiñeira de Lugo, Avery and the Merchants of Bristol, When I Took My Horse to Water, Schottische de Dimanche / Muiñeira del Año Nuevo, The Girl who Lived in the Woods, Gwerzioù / Ton-bale / J'ai vu le Loup, Three Bonny Ships

The Bite

Features: Nellie Torrence and Jeannie Waldie, The Bite, Flower of Magherally, Danzas, The Bloody Inn, Billy Don't Weep for Me, Entemediu-Muneira, The Child Mother, Tears in my Eyes, Only for Three Months, Three Matelots

The Kingshill Valley

Features: Morpeth Rant / I Once Loved a Lass / Harvest Home/Soldier's Joy/John Ryan's Polka / Brigg Fair / Lannigan's Ball/The Peeler's Away with my Daughter/The Rocky Road / The Maid of Culmore / Star of the County Down / Jock O'Hazeldene / Napoleon Crossing the Alps/Red Haired Boy / Rain & Snow / Mary, Young and Fair / Drowsy Maggie / Black Muddy River

Product type: EP
Songs of the Spanish Civil War

Features: The Bite (new recording), Only for Three Months (new recording), The English Penny, The Silver Duro