Brunel University, Lunchtime Concert series, 16th March 2018

Back in July 2017, Rob and I were pleased to receive an invitation to perform in the prestigious Brunel University, Lunchtime Concert series.  This is a series of classical, jazz, folk and other types of music, organised by members of the Music Department at Brunel University and open to students, staff and members of the local community.  Past invitees to this community-oriented concert series have included, amongst others, the wonderful Bob Fox and, more recently, the highly respected guitarist, Laura Snowden.

The concerts take place between 1.10 and 1.40pm in a pleasant and airy room set up theatre style for the performance.  We were given the option to arrive early to set up and rehearse - something we were keen to do.  On arrival on campus, we were met by Sam Cave, a lecturer in guitar at the University's School of Arts and himself a past performer in the series.  Sam settled us in nicely before going off to do some teaching, leaving Rob and me some time to get ourselves used to the performance space.

When we emerged from the ‘Green Room’, we were delighted to see we had an audience of c 40-50 people.  We had put together a set list that showcased the full range of what we do and the provision of a audience programme with explanatory notes for each song and tune set helped us do this efficiently in the time available.

At the end of the set, an enthusiastic audience very kindly called on us for an encore which we were, naturally, happy to provide and, following that, a good number of audience members approached us personally to tell us how much they had enjoyed the set and ask questions about our songs and instruments.

Many thanks to Sam, Sarah and Michael at Brunel University for the original invitation to perform and for looking after us so well during our time at the university.  Our nice early finish meant we were both back home before the afternoon rush hour and in time for an afternoon cuppa.  We hope that, one day, we might return to Brunel University.  Until then, we wish them well with their 2018/19 concert series which will start in the autumn.