Navajos and Pirates

We wrote this song to commemorate those courageous young men and women who stood up to Nazism in late 1930s Germany and on into the war years. Known collectively as the Edelweiss Pirates because of the metal badges they wore emblazoned with the flower, their group name in Cologne was The Navajos.

Navajos & Pirates
Music: na-mara, Lyrics: P. McNamara

As the lights of freedom, were one by one put out,
Resolute, courageous, you never showed a doubt
The harder that they pushed you, the harder then you fought
To never bow the knee was the lesson that you taught


So, here’s to the Navajos who never rode the plain
(And) here’s to the Pirates that never sailed the main
From Oberhausen, Dusseldorf, Essen and Cologne,
The flower that you bore then will ever be your own


You’d not be told how to live your lives, or heed which clothes to wear,
(Or) who it was that you could meet or how to cut your hair,
What music you should listen to, or when and where to stand,
The Edelweisspiraten stood for freedom in the land


Bullied then and beaten, your heads were shaven bare
Taken to the labour camp, and terrors waited there
Criminals they called you, feckless parasites
(But) they never could recruit you to the wars they sought to fight


They couldn’t understand why you scorned the life they gave
Rejecting the banality of the ordered world they craved
They couldn’t stand for difference, all must now obey
But the Edelweisspiraten they battled every day


Music: na-mara, Lyrics: P. McNamara
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