Navajos and Pirates

We wrote this song to commemorate those courageous young men and women who stood up to Nazism in late 1930s Germany and on into the war years. Known collectively as the Edelweiss Pirates because of the metal badges they wore emblazoned with the flower, their group name in Cologne was The Navajos.

The Poor Refugee

Music: Québécois, arr. Na-Mara, Lyrics P. McNamara

Our attempt to record the universal travails of refugees was written some years ago as a counterweight to the multiplicity of songs that glorify battles and their heroes. The words are set to the tune of traditional Québécois song, Le Vieux Cheval, as performed by Le Vent du Nord.

The English Penny

Music: Na-Mara, Lyrics P. McNamara

Penelope Phelps, later Fyvel, volunteered as a nurse with the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War where she was affectionately awarded the soubriquet, The English Penny. Although badly wounded, Penny returned home and lived to a great age.  This song uses her own words in an imagined conversation with a modern-day nurse to contrast the comforts of her later life with the privations she suffered during the conflict in Spain.