Described as "elegant and skilled musicians" by Folk London, folk duo na-mara (Rob Garcia and Paul McNamara) perform at clubs and festivals across the UK and have, in recent times, performed in France and Spain and featured in broadcasts on BBC Radio 4 and a host of local radio stations.

They perform self-penned songs in traditional style on a range of contemporary and historical topics as well as traditional songs and tunes from across the British Isles, their own translations songs from the Breton, French and Quebecois traditions and a wide variety of tunes from Asturias, Galicia, Brittany and northern France.

Their recent albums 'Navajos & Pirates' (released in 2015) and 'The Bite' (released in 2010) have received critical acclaim from a host of local and national folk magazines with tracks broadcast on a range of folk music radio programmes across the UK and beyond.

Folk World suggested that “…(y)ou may put na-mara on the list of enjoyable English duos, such as veteran Knightley and Beer or young Cadie and Bloomer", going on to describe Paul is "an ingenious songwriter in the traditional vein…”

Spiral Earth suggest na-mara " turn an austere sound into an elegant one with their voices displaying the required authority for such subjects" while Rock & Reel Magazine note that what na-mara do best is "tell stories to which you can't but listen…”

As close friends of the International Brigade Memorial Trust, they have performed their own songs about the Spanish Civil War at numerous events commemorating the commitment of Britons who went to fight fascism in Spain in the 1930s.